So I’ve been told to “put yourself out there” or “show us who’s behind the camera” so here I am! 
A few things about me?Here goes...
1. Photography is in my DNA. My dad was a photographer in the air force many moons ago. That led me to being the kid ALWAYS with the camera and I have cartons of pics to prove it!
2. I love all things pasta and Dr Pepper (trouble with a capital T)
3. Super hero movies are my jam. I’m definitely a Marvel girl BUT Wonder Women is my FAVE!❤️
4. If could be anywhere right now it would definitely be a beach! I love the beach so much my family nick named me Moana our last vacation because the beach calls my name (I promise you)! 😃
5. My “babygirl” is 16 and entering her last year of high school (where did the time go!) she is the light of my life and the sweetest, craziest, goofy person I know. She is my biggest fan!
So basically I’m just a mom, sitting on the beach, eating a bowl of pasta, talking about marvel movies with my SENIOR 😭 and capturing it all with my Nikon and a smile 🤪

Hello there!

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